VoIP and Conference call service for free

You are in the myappviews .. Nowadays people who live all over the world are being addicted to this kind of conference call services. Because present generation people live a smart life with this kind of VoIP services. And already we discussed about ‘how this service makes your life smarter’. Hundreds number of VoIP providers also available here. By the by the last time we have given a report of ‘Top 5 Conference Call services in the year of 2016’.

Who is ready to give 100% free VoIP service for customers?

This time we are going to talk about free conference call services. As an ordinary online user, I also will try to get all best service for free. Is it correct or not?

But you have to accept the truth that is, most of them are not ready to give free services, because they have a business mind. If they give free service then they have to face a big loss. Nevertheless, We have conducted a research with geekersmagazine. By the conclusion we find some VoIP/ Conference call service providers who are giving free service.

Top 5 free VOIP/Conference call service




Whenever you think about video conferencing, you will get strike Skype as a first option. Skype is the best and most popular network. It enables you to make free calls on all over the world. Skype is 100% free VoIP. You can get Skype for your Desktop, Tablet and mobile. It is very easy to download and join. And Skype also provides a low cast calling plan for Landlines and cell phones. You can make video conference up to 10 persons.


2.Free conference calling



This network also provides a free service. It helps to make a conference up to 500 persons at a time. This network allows to record your valuable calls and playback via MP3.




Tokbox helps to make group video conferencing easily. Up to 200 people can communicate each others at the same time. No need to download.





This network something different, you must have a webcam to open an account. You can connect up to 10 friends in a single window. As a free user, you can’t open multiple windows at a time.

5.Fuze Meeting



This network offers HD video call facilities. Here they are using high quality video tools. So you can also zoom in, zoom out, add text, add arrows, add shapes and add notes to the video.

There are some more free VoIP/Conference call service networks in our list. These are also free, but not in top 5  ranking.

Here We have to talk about SightSpeed network. I was a world’s best video and audio calling service for free. And they had dead low call rate for PC-Landline calls. Mac users can connect with full quality to Windows users, and vice versa. Unfortunately, they are out of service.

Least Number of networks offer free Trail for 14-30days. After that period you have to purchase premium package

VoIP and Conference call service for free
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