Top 10 free Android Game of 2016

Here’s Our Report of Best and Top free Android game available in the Google Play Store in July 2016

These days 98 percentages of Youngster’s best partner is their Android mobile phone and their favorite Android Games. Every day they are moving into the interesting time pass within his/her room. That’s why I have given a research report about best Android Games in the Google Play store right now.

Top 10 free Android Game

Top 10 free Android Game

As you know, There are thousands of games available in the play store. So, I have done a very complicated work on preparing this report. Totally I spent up to 60 hours to prepare the report. But Here I give a simply understandable and summarized report.this report has best free android games list only, because I just focused on the list. I could not say which one is first.

Okey Guys, come to see my report….

First of all see my my top and best game list here

  • Ancestor
  • Pokemon Go
  • Asphalt 8
  • Disney Crossy Road
  • Hearthstone
  • Smash Hit
  • Alto’s Adventure
  • Modern Combat 5
  • Clash Royale
  • Sky Force Reloaded

This is a fast paced puzzle mixed want to do side scrolling, action running and more action when you play. You must have reflexes and quick thinking mind to play this Android Game.

In this game you are a hero. As a hero, you must go dangerous lands which filled with traps and enemies. Those will be with shoots lasers.You should clear your path ahead by solving quick puzzles and shooting the enemies. You have to face boss battles. The game will adapt to difficult to increase your skill.Your path will be rough.It’s a free app and available in play store. You can customize your personality in this game.

Top 10 free Android Game-Ancestor

Top 10 free Android Games-Ancestor

Pokemon Go
This one is the hottest game of this year. This game is getting huge number of users.Interesting Android Game, You must have multi thinking mind to play.

On this platform, you are already out there exploring your city and trying to catch. Here is built on a nearly identical game engine. It forces to search for neighborhood wild Pokemon and save Pokeballs. Once your trainer level reaches to 5 you can join to gym. This game works like social media. Here you can meet up with your friends or team to find rare type Pokemon. By the by, I already said a lot on my previous posts. Check it out for more about Pokemon Go.

Top 10 free Android Game-Pokemon Go

Top 10 free Android Games-Pokemon Go

Asphalt 8
This is an easily understandable racing game. It has a top position of all racing games right now. It is the most interesting game to play. You must have fast thinking mind and multi tasking skill to play this game successfully.
In this game, You are a racer.You can make your way. Here you can unlock new rides, and upgrade. You can participate a competition with multiplayer via online. Other think, Usual racing modes and features are available in Asphalt 8. It’s a free app and available in play store.

Top 10 free Android Game-Asphalt 8

Top 10 free Android Games-Asphalt 8

Disney Crossy Road
This Android Game is a casual game for all ages. You don’t want to have fast thinking mind.
In this game, You can choose your character as you wish. If you unlock your character as snake, You can get real experience on crossing the road as a snake. Yeah! It’s an amazing experience for the player. Now your favorite Disney characters like mickey mouse are also available. You will feel this game like a Disney movie. I suggest you, please don’t miss this experience. It’s a free app and available in play store.

Top 10 free Android Game-Disney Crossy Road

Top 10 free Android Games-Disney Crossy Road

This one is a famous card game, that follows the usual formula and rules to play. Players summon creature cards and cast spell cards based on the Warcraft universe in an effort to defeat online opponents. Every single hero has unique special abilities. Anyone can play and casual type game. And you can make a game either easy or rough.but Hearthstone is a best free card Android Game forever.

Top 10 free Android Game-Hearthstone

Top 10 free Android Games-Hearthstone

Smash Hit
It’s a simple marble game. There is no bigger target to play. So, Kids like this game more than young people. Here you have to bomb to lose marbles. If you clear all, game will be over. As usual, this marble game also has power ups, fresh batches and other features. It’s also funny experience. It’s a free app and available in play store.

Top 10 free Android Game-Smash Hit

Top 10 free Android Games-Smash Hit

Alto’s Adventure
This one is a beautiful game with simple controls. Adventure likers are welcome to play. This game has replay you are the Alto. And you must snowboard down from top of the mountain. You must collect everything on your way. Running,Jumping dogging and other activities are compulsory to play.
If you have not played yet, Please go and start today.

Top 10 free Android Game-Alto’s Adventure

Top 10 free Android Games-Alto’s Adventure

Modern Combat 5

This one is shooting game. Boys like this type of shooting games very much. Modern Combat 5 has best shooting action. You should have fast thinking skill and multi tasking skill to play. This game also has as usual features of shooting games.

Top 10 free Android Game-Modern Combat 5

Top 10 free Android Games-Modern Combat 5

Clash Royale
If you are familiar to Clash of Clans, you can understand this game easily. You must have quick thinking and genius mind to play. Like Clash of Clans, you can create a clan and share cards with friends from around the world. It got huge users up to last week. It’s a free app and available in play store.

Top 10 free Android Game-Clash Royale

Top 10 free Android Games-Clash Royale

Sky Force Reloaded
This is the action game.”Blasting, Attacks, Mission” These words mostly will be used in this game.Yeah! Here you have to participate a mission and have to attack your enemies who come on your way. Each level of this game is difficult to play.Collecting Stars, upgrade your ships and try to earn medals on each level, these are the main goal of Sky Force Reloaded.

Top 10 free Android Game-Sky Force Reloaded

Top 10 free Android Games-Sky Force Reloaded

Top 10 free Android Game of 2016
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