Pokemon GO review and download link

Pokemon GO review and direct download link

Pokemon GO

In the past few days everyone are talking about Pokemon Go game.So lets see what is Pokemon GO game and how to play the game.Actually its an augmented-reality game ,which means the stuffs in the games are visible like they are on the real world but actually not .The game has been released for android and iOS phones. Many stuffs have been included in the game there are almost 150 Pokemons are available in this game in addition to that other stuffs like PokeBall, stardust, candy, PokeStop, PokeDex are also available.Pokemon GO made a huge expectation from all mobile gamers through their trailer .watch the trailer below.

How to play Pokemon GO

Lets see how to play this game.In the first step you have to catch the Pokemons using Pokeballs. When the game starts first time it will ask you to select an avatar for you, after you selected the game will start. Initially game will indicate 3 Pokemons to you to select one of them to catch.After you selected the Pokemon will appear near by you in your location you must move to the location to catch the pokemon. Here move to that location means You have to move physically , you have to walk there and see through the phone camera to see the pokemon ,afterwards throw the PokeBall which appears on your screen towards to pokemon to catch. Once you caught a pokemon you will get 100 stardust and 100 XP points, if it is a new pokemon type then you will get an extra 500 XP. If you ran out of PokeBalls you can get them in PokeStops or you can buy them from PokeShop.

There are gyms which are like check-posts in other games you can claim the grey gym by adding a pokemon into it. There are 4 types of gyms.Once you get level 5 you have to choose a team out of 3 to join . If a gym belongs to your team you can train a pokemon to increase the prestige of gym. Another team can attack and claim the gym. If you want to attack a gym you can place 6 pokemons in a row and can attack the gym using them. Once you reduced enough prestige to make the gym grey you can claim that . So like that you can play the Pokemon GO game.

More important information about Pokemon GO

Phone resources

Pokemon Go game uses many sensors of the phone. It uses the GPS, accelero-meter , Gyroscope and some other sensors. This game can drain your phone battery faster than other games, Because it uses the internet, GPS and sensors together .

Availability and Download

Pokemon GO is not available for all countries at the moment ,So everyone can’t download that from google play store

but you can download from apkpure.com. We have given the direct download link below so download that and install to your android phone and enjoy the Pokemon GO game.

Download Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO review and download link
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