Pokemon GO gyroscope requirements – a deep view

Pokemon GO gyroscope

Pokemon GO gyroscope

Pokemon Go is ruling the mobile gaming world now. Pokemon GO is only available in few countries but almost every part of this world is playing it.We have given a review and direct download link in our previous post, If Pokemon Go is not available in your country you can download it from our previous post. After installed and started to play you may realize that some of the sensors like gyroscope sensor may not present in your device. Pokemon Go will complain that it cant work correctly without those sensors.

Pokemon Go GPS requirements

Pokemon GO uses various sensors , most important one is GPS (Global Positioning System) which will locate you in the real map. GPS will get the longitude and latitude of your device’s position from GPS satellites. If your Pokemon GO complaining that “GPS signal not found” then turn off your GPS then turn on again and go outside of the building. Mediatek devices have slower GPS locking time so try to fix gps first time from outside of the building.

Pokemon GO Gyroscope requirements

The second sensor is gyroscope sensor or orientation sensor. Gyroscope sensor is actually a hardware part ,which need to be placed when the phone was made. Gyroscope will give the information about the orientation of the device, When you rotate or move your phone vertically or horizontally the gyroscope will detect how much the device rotated or moved in angles. Pokemon Go gyroscope sensor requirement is to find the position of your phone when you try to catch a Pokemon using the AR (Augmented reality) camera. When you trying to catch a pokemon some of you may got a message like “we’re not detecting your phone’s orientation”. It means that your device may not have the gyroscope sensor inbuilt. If your device don’t have the gyroscope sensor you can’t plug-in that in your device later. It should be placed when the phone was made. You can check your device specification list to know weather it have gyroscope or not. If your device don’t have the gyroscope then you cant see Pokemons through the camera in real world. You have to turn off the AR camera which will show a static background and Pokemon will appear in the middle. Screenshot is attached below you can check them.

Pokemon Go AR mode off (devices without gyroscope sensor)

Pokemon GO gyroscope AR off

Pokemon GO Static background when AR if off or gyroscope is not presented

Pokemon Go AR mode on (devices with gyroscope sensor)

Pokemon Go gyroscope AR mode on

Pokemon Go AR mode is on and the device have gyroscope sensor

If you are addicted to pokemon but your device is not supporting AR camera then you should buy a new phone which have gyroscope inside.Before you buy a phone check the sensor list.

Pokemon GO gyroscope requirements – a deep view
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