Make money with your Hobby – My earning position is around 500 Doller$

My dear followers of my blog, I suggest  to you a big matter. Everyone needs to make money during this costly life. We are running for money to live. Yes, we earn money, but it’s not enough to live a perfect life. If a man earns in the hundreds, his  expenses will come in thousands. In the same way, if another man earns in the thousands, his expenses will come in big sum. This is the common theory. People are not satisfied with their income. So everyone needs some extra money.

make money with your hobby

make money with your hobby

Why we need to make money (extra income)

We are spending around 8 to 12 hours of a day for earning money, but which is not enough to face living expenses. Because we have lots of commitments.

  • If you are a student, you want money to complete your degree
  • If you are a family man, you have to give effort for your family members
  • Have a plan to buy a own house
  • My car model is already getting old, so want to buy a new model
  • Have to build a bank balance for our future
    Oh, god! There are lots to do. How can I manage my life,,,

Ok, Now do you need additional income? Or not? Yes, sure we all need to make money to do everything. But how can we make it? Starting of my life I also got sad and fell down, I didn’t know what I want to do for earning some extra money. I didn’t have time to go second work. That time I got an idea that is starting a own business, but I didn’t have the money to do like that. I was totally dead.

But one day I met a friend and I told about my problems. He gave me a big solution

How could we make money as extra income.

Hey, Everybody! Do you know we all have a hobby or we are interested in something. Yes, take that hobby or interested thing as a source of income. If you have a hobby, definitely you will have a big knowledge about that hobby.

For example, “my hobby is watching movies. So, I have a big knowledge about movies. If someone come to talk with me about movies, he can’t beat me in this matter”

This is the source of your extra income.  Okey, Let’s make your hobby as money. YOUR HOBBY IS YOUR STRENGTH. You are only the genius on your hobby. If you are a genius in one stream, you can teach to others.

See this staff, How New Bloggers Earn Over $2000 A month Online ( The Ultimate Guide to make money blogging )

If your hobby is doing yoga, you can be the yoga master to others. If your hobby is cooking, lots of people are ready to taste your food, if your hobby is designing card, there are lots of lovers ready to buy that design. This is the world. There are so many ways to earn a little sum.

How to sell your hobby to others

Here I write my life experience. From my childhood, I have been a good reader.  Readings book, following blogs, searching research reports are my lifetime achievements. Within 10 years, I red more than 20000 articles in my life. I have heard that is “a reading is fulfill a man”. May be that’s why, today I here to talk with you (Haa..Haa). Sometimes, I have forgotten to take my food at the  correct time because of reading. Reading is my life.So, I had a head full of knowledge. I didn’t like to waste my knowledge. So I planned to share with others. By that way I started my writing journey with free article submission sites and blogger. Around 2 years went like this. After that I prefer to make my own blog. Do you know why I came to that decision. My 2 year journey came to an end. Because free blogging site server went to out of service and got blocked from free article submission site.By all those reasons I was ready to make my own site with WordPress.

make money with your hobby

make money with your hobby

Yes, I made my WordPress website with Bluehost shared hosting service. That was suitable hosting for my needs.I wrote my articles with my own site. After some years, I jointed with the Adsense service which has been provided by Google. So now I have a successful website and I have good monthly earning.As I said you “My Hobby gives some extra income” until now.

One year ago My friend also started a website about “cooking recipe”. He I good in cooking, I know, he can make more than 150 recipes. Now he shares his cooking talent through online with that web site. He is earning up to 750$ per month.

How to earn like me from your hobby-  follow these steps

  • Find out what talent you have/ what is your hobby which you can expose to others.
  • Make a WordPress website with bluehost (You can get free Domain in bluehost) .Because bluehost has been a low expense and high quality hosting for a long time. I suggest to you, bluehost will make  your work easier and more efficient. This is one of the oldest and famous web hosting company that I’ve ever seen. My 100% vote for this site. Because their performance and customer supports are awesome. Customer care assistants are more skilled persons. They will help to you anytime. They will help to fix issues that you are having. And also they are providing some different type of packages for user needs. They have some discounted price for their client to claim it only on paying annually, but you would renew your WordPress Hosting then with the regular prices which are almost 50% – 60% more than the discounted price but don’t worry as they’ve mentioned the regular prices with their packages too.

If you are not satisfied with bluehost at this time, you can choose best hosting from my list of Best WordPress hosting of 2016

  • The next step is choosing a suitable theme for your site. I’m using a best theme got from Mythemeshop. You have to create a website as extreme style. Because that only can fetch users to your website. There are so many styles. Theme style must be depend on your website type.
  • Another important step is Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Yes you have to do this. Because Search engine optimization will increase your viewers and followers. SEO will also indicate your site to search engines.So please don’t forget to do this. Semrush helps to do SEO for my website. This site has been a cheapest SEO serving site. Click the button to register with this site.You just submit your site with semrush. They will push your site to top on the market.


Now, your site is ready to rock. Write a quality post/article and share with your followers through social networking site like facebook,Twitter and some others

If you want any help about starting a blog. Please ask me on comment area. As soon as possible, I’ll respond to you.

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