Clash of Clans vs Pokemon GO! – Which one is yours

Hello guys! How are you doing at this time. Are you playing Clash of Clans? Or Are you playing Pokemon go?

Ha Ha… These days we are facing this type of interesting war. Yeah, Some of my friends are saying Clash of Clain is best forever, Other some are saying Pokemon Go is best. I know you may be facing this type of interesting fight. Okey, come here to do a nice talk about both of that games.

Clash of clans vs Pokemon GO

Clash of clans vs Pokemon GO

Now a day, every mobile game addicts are searching about ‘Pokemon Go’, that is recently launched. Pokemon Go takes up to 20 years for making by John Hanke. As his wish, Number of users of this game is rising quickly. 21 million people are starting to play Pokemon Go daily. Surely I can say that this will come to top within a year. Hey, I also started to play Pokemon Go from yesterday. First time I Could not understand what is this game have. But I did a big research to find everything. Finally, I got results that was published by me named ‘Pokemon GO review and download link’. This article will help to you. And I got a big problem when I was starting to play. ’Pokemon Go Gyroscope requirement’ is the main problem of playing. My last post will show that to you.

‘Clash of Clans’ is not a small competitor to Pokemon go. Because Clash of Clans already had a big number of fans.  This game is played by more than 100 million people daily. This game was launched on 2nd august 2012.This game covers all mobile users in the USA. Not only USA, clash of clans is a game played all over the world. This game still has a first place in the game’s world.Clash of Clans is a very good strategy game. It is highly addictive.

This day I can say conclusively, That is Clash of Clans is better than Pokemon Go. But I don’t know this conclusion may be changed in future.

Clash of Clans vs Pokemon GO! – Which one is yours
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